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We’re thrilled to welcome AnnaBeth VonGruenigen to Titus Women as our new intern. AnnaBeth will be working in the office, providing administrative support and working with me (yay!) on special projects. You may meet her at the Discipleship Summit or if you drop by the Ministry Center, so please make her feel welcome!

Hi! I am AnnaBeth and I am so excited to have just joined the Titus Women Team! I grew up in Paris, Kentucky, just a few miles down the road from Wilmore, and I graduated from Asbury University in May of 2012. I was a History major and a Literature minor. I also managed the swim team at the University for four years. After Asbury I spent a semester in London, England, studying and working at a museum. I was involved with a fantastic church in London and spent a significant part of my time worshipping, praying, studying, and fellowshipping with them. While there I felt called to alter my original plans of studying museum administration and look more into church and mission administration.

I already feel so at home at The Francis Asbury Society and everyone here has been so kind that I already feel a part of the family here. I have been so blessed to have received this internship with Titus Women, and I look forward to the next eight months and all they hold!


About Erin

A would-be writer, back-road driver, and lover of anything made of bread and cheese, Erin Hill serves as Communications Coordinator for the Francis Asbury Society and Titus Women. She first came to Wilmore, Kentucky from the Cincinnati area in 2005 to attend Asbury University, where she earned a B.A. in English Literature. While studying at Asbury, Erin came face to face with Jesus in a new way, and her life was forever marked by His offer of a sweet exchange: all of Him for all of her. She loves good conversation, good books, good music, and good tea. Erin writes regularly at


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