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Things Unseen

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Things Unseen
by Joanna Coppedge

‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.’BUT it was to us that God revealed these things by His Spirit.

 1 Cor.2:9-10

Daniel 10 overwhelms me. Read it again. We read that The WARRIOR OF LIGHT, who is supposed to come and respond to prayers and meet needs, is delayed. For 21 days Daniel had been feeling completely isolated and in this battle ALONE. He did not hear a word from the throne of grace, not even a glimmer of hope, only silence. Yet he prays on, fasting, mourning, desiring, waiting and unbathed as well (vs. 3).

What are you crying out for passionately? What has so possessed your heart, you don’t eat or bathe, without bringing it to the Father’s attention? Who is on your heart? What people group do you carry to Jesus daily? Has the situation changed? Have you wondered if God has forgotten you? Do you ever feel like Daniel, lonely and alone in the battle (help us, Jesus!)?

In verse 10 Daniel receives this message: YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this battle. From the day Daniel called out, help was sent. The throne of heaven heard the first thought of a petition that agreed with God’s heart and sent a response IMMEDIATELY! But help was delayed for weeks. Sometimes we fail to realize that there is SO MUCH going on in the unseen world. The enemy has tricked us into a fluffy, inconvenient, things don’t go my way view of spiritual warfare. We blow off the battle being fought to the death around us daily, around our children, our husbands, and churches, even our enemies. We ignore it for the most part.

Yet once the warrior of LIGHT breaks through enemy lines and gets to Daniel, he ministers to him so sweetly. “Daniel (insert your first name), You are very precious to God.” Imagine what Daniel might have thought, and how we often feel when prayer seems to be unanswered. “What? I thought He was ignoring me? I thought if he was letting me suffer like this, He didn’t care?!” The whole future of God’s people hangs in the balance, waiting for an understanding of this vision, and God’s message to His man is, you are very precious to me. I LOVE THAT!

So, I don’t know who you are crying out for. I don’t know what burden you have allowed, invited Him to put on your heart, but I do think I know what He thinks of YOU! You are precious! Believe it. It’s a word from the WORD. You are precious! Yes, dirty, hungry, ruffled YOU!

I think believing God is as important as obeying His next command: Do not be afraid. That is a command from the throne of grace, not merely a good suggestion. Do NOT be afraid! The not fearing part was put right in there, as the depth and intensity of spiritual warfare is revealed: I was battling to get to you this whole time. Powers unseen were holding me up. Really. Do you believe that?! Incredible!

Paul tells in our New Testament reading that we need the Holy Spirit to reveal to our spirits the things unseen, the spiritual realities (end of 1 Corinthians 2). Are you willing to ask Jesus what is going on in the spiritual realm around you and your family? Do you feel bold enough to ask for eyes to see? What is the unseen battle in the world He desires you to participate in? You are precious to Him, and you need not fear.

Back in Daniel 10, an overwhelmed and anxious Daniel is touched a second time (LOVE THAT) and is told again not to be afraid because he is precious to the Father, just as we are. Believe that! And as Daniel experienced, the great battle is revealed, and more of the Truth and Word is revealed at the same time! What a joy and hope, to know Him more and see His truth revealed, to see more as He sees!!! We can live as He desires us to, falling forward into more of HIM!

Joanna Coppedge serves Jesus as a missionary mom of four daughters, currently living in Scotland as her husband, Billy pursues further education.


About Stephanie

Stephanie Hogan has had a love for Jesus and people since she began leading discipleship groups in high school. She has a master's degree in counseling and loves offering God's hope and healing through His Word as she speaks at women's retreats across the country. Stephanie serves as Director of Titus Women, a ministry of the Francis Asbury Society.

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