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Falling Forward… In Faith on the Battlefield

by Caroline Gilroy

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Do not be afraid…
for the Lord your God will fight for you. 

Deut. 3:22
There is no situation in life that makes us victims. By choice, we are forever the victors. There are times life blindsides us and it seems we momentarily have the breath knocked out of us, but even then, we stand. And we don’t just stand, we stand tall. Wearing our armor, the fashion symbol of every saint, we wait knowing full well that God’s Plan is perfect.

Even when events in our lives carry us into bondage, we hear the Father’s encouraging word:  Build! Plant! Strengthen your family (Jer. 29:5)! We hear Him instructing us to be redemptive – to seek peace for the place of our bondage. By doing so, we find peace for our souls (Jer.29:9).

God’s plan for His ladies is the VICTORY of peace in the inner person, not evil thoughts toward those who cause our pain. God’s plan for us, even when we’re in bondage, is peace on the battlefield and hope for the future (Jer. 29:10).

Standing in our armor, we cry out for no one else but Him, and He listens. We seek Him (not relief), and find Him. Amazingly, we also find that we’re no longer prisoners of circumstances, but princesses and princes of the King.

Even when the King’s better purpose is served by denying our requests for deliverance, we know He is with us (Dt. 3, Mt. 26: 38-44). With Jesus, we acknowledge, He is God! He is the Captain of the Army! He calls the shots.

Moses pleaded with God to let him enter the promise land(Deut. 3). Just imagine how it must have been for him when he stepped from this world to the next and realized, “this is where my heart was headed.”

Jesus begged His Father to take the cup of suffering from Him (Mt. 26:42). Just imagine how it must have been when He stepped out of the grave. It must have been a sacred moment as He pondered truth: “I won!” Did shackles fall from His spirit when He realized that He defeated death, pain and sin – He finished His assignment?
Whatever else He experienced on that glorious resurrection morning, I believe Jesus lifted His face to the Father and whispered, “Your will is good.”

War torn as we might feel, we must stand; we must build! We must plant! And we must strengthen our families.

Caroline Gilroy is an aspiring disciple of Jesus. The mother of three adult children and the grandmother of six, she’s Marketing Coordinator for one of Wyoming’s leading insurance brokers.



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