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Our Great Privilege

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For He whom God has sent speaks the words of God; 
for He gives the Spirit without limit  
John 3:34
God the Father is the absolute initiator and keeper of covenant living. Through His unending, unfailing, holy love, every fiber, particle and being of creation is under the scrutiny of His watchful eye, whether or not the recipient is deserving of such love-empowered “watchfulness”. He shows no partiality. He has no favorites. There’s more; He not only watches over His created beings, the Heavenly Father relates to all created. There’s more! Within all of His creation, He has placed the mysterious freedom for all His creation to give a response to the Master. Even stones are able to cry out in praise; the animals, winds and the waves yield to His authority and Lordship. We must never forget that covenant living involves participation from all members. This is the will of God.Our winter reading in John reveals the absolute beautiful, sacred fellowship Jesus, Son of Man, had with the God the Father. While living in the flesh on earth, Jesus (fully divine, fully human) set aside His divine privileges. Only by faith, living according to God’s Word, receiving and living IN the Holy Spirit (given to Him without limit) and the unsevered communion of prayer, did Jesus fulfill the absolute good will of His Father, receive the absolute perfect way of the cross and allow the absolute Holy Spirit to work (Philippians 2; Hebrews 12).

Jesus willed it to be so, demonstrated the reality and paid the atonement for the need of all mankind; living separated from the Father and His Spirit of Holiness. Jesus is the Father’s gift of grace – planned, prepared and provided before the foundation of the earth. Through Jesus’ participation of “obedience unto death,” the shedding of His own blood, we are offered the New Testament covenant; the call of reconciliation to the Father and the gift of the Father’s promised Holy Spirit. With His seal we have the guarantee of knowing Jesus, receiving all we need for a holy life of faith, loyally abiding IN His holy love and living with unbroken Spirit-filled intimacy through a life of prayer (Ephesians 1-3, John 17).

Prayer is not our work. Prayer is the intended privilege of ceaseless, intimate and sacred communion between the Spirit of the Divine God and the spirit of man living as one, through the indwelling presence of God. Just like Jesus, we can know the Father’s will, accept the way of the cross and allow the Spirit to do His work. When invited, the present Holy Spirit of Father and Son, alive, pure, powerful and faithful, works perfectly in and through the likes of you and me.

To us, whom He created from the dust of His ground, God the Father’s one intention has been and always will be to set us dusty clay pots apart as His most precious and priceless possession for the resting place of His presence and to live in the precious likeness of intimacy demonstrated in the communion of The Father and Son. This is a truth we can not comprehend nor live without the blood of Jesus and His Spirit. Even then it will take all of eternity to grasp and enjoy what He has prepared for those who believe and abide loyally IN Him: a thankful life of ceaseless prayer!

The Father continually calls me to draw near in His presence. From His watchful eye, He offers the path of righteousness, a life of truth, the counsel of wisdom and the comfort of His selfless love. Jesus lives to pray for us and invites us to participate in this secret to the mystery of the gospel. Prayer is not a compartment of covenant holy living; prayer is the active reality of covenant living- life IN the Spirit of Father and Son. Our response will affect the entire world.

 Winter Challenge

 Do not work for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you, for on Him the Father, God, has set His seal…  This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent.  John 6: 27-29

Your calling is to Himself: John 6:45; Acts 2:39
Your work is to believe:  John 6:29
Your privilege is to pray: I Thessalonians 5:17; Colossians 4:2
Your ministry is to overflow his presence: John 7:37,38

Find Him in the Word! – John 5:39
Know Him in His Spirit! – Ephesians 2:18,19; I John 4:13; I John 5:20
Live in Him through prayer! – I Thessalonians 5:17
Share Him through the overflow! –  Romans 5: 5; Luke 24:46-49

Know the truth of His Word, the reality of His presence
and the enjoyment of His fellowship in prayer!
II Corinthians 13:14

About Linda

Linda Boyette’s life is centered in one reality: Jesus is enough! Linda has been involved with Titus Women since its beginning, and she currently serves as Discipleship Coordinator. She also leads a Titus Bible Study in her home and speaks at conferences and retreats around the U.S. and internationally. No matter the setting, Linda’s appointment is to invite women to live the incredible joy of a sacred fellowship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through knowing Jesus as Savior, Center, and Source. Linda is also an accomplished pianist, serving churches and camp meetings through the ministry of music. She lives on a farm in Mt. Vernon, Ohio with her husband Phil and is mother to three sons and two daughters-in-love.


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