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Spiritual Mothering

 by Joanna Coppedge

Before I write for pages on how you must lay down your life and be filled with the Holy Spirit of Jesus and have five hour quiet times and memories full passages of the Word of God daily in order to be a Spirit Filled mom, let me just say, this is not that guilt-ridden, pressure-filled, be someone you are not article…

I pray these words will be a stream of living water, an eye-opening awareness of what you are doing. Who He already is in you because of Who He is, not because of one more way you can contour yourself to meet one more groups’ set of expectations…

I was asked to write to young moms. I know others will read this and whoever you are, you are most welcome to the conversation. A sweet young thing in her early twenties told me recently that I was a “mature mom.” Ouch! The point is that no matter your season of life, you are welcome. If you aren’t a mom, you have come from a mom. Male, female, young or old, the human race has this in common; we come from one male and one female. Regardless of the success you feel they had in their parenting, whether you ever met them or know them or walk with them through life now, you have had a mother.

At some level, this mother was a carrier of your presence. She bore you. You lived in her womb for about 9 months. I boldly say, in this way, she reflected the life of Christ. Please hear me, she may never have known Him, she may not acknowledge Him, she may have fought against the Living Lord Jesus all her life, but bearing life reflects Divine Life.

Being pregnant currently, I’m reminded again how the laying down of life is forced through this process of giving life  (not that I had quickly forgotten with my four “big” kids constantly present). But the reality of pregnancy forces one to remember, it is not possible to bring new life into the world without, at some very real level, dying to your own wishes, wants and desires, even if those are as simple as sleeping through the night and eating what sounds good to you.

Early in Luke’s gospel we see Elizabeth entering into motherhood, walking blameless before the Lord and then being filled with His Holy Spirit as Mary comes and greets her.

Mary, herself has the Holy Spirit come upon her and then the text reads, the power of theMost High overshadows her. I wonder if in this “new Mother,” we see a picture of what our mothering is meant to reflect.

The Holy Spirit comes upon her. It’s not that she worked really hard to make herself into someone that someone else said would look super-spiritual. She was just living her life. Humble and favored are the only clues we have. And then He comes! The work is His. Her response was to be willing.

And then He overshadows her. Any moms ever feel like hiding? Not that you want to leave your little ones, but just hide away for a moment of peace, the respite of silence. Just today I was trying to have a cup of tea with a friend and I had three people literally attached to me. And none of them are young enough anymore that they needed to be attached tohavelife! We hug, we cuddle, and love to snuggle, but really…I wanted to be hidden in that moment so that I could have one moment with my friend. This overshadowing- me hidden in Him- is the greatest love gift from the Father.

That is the invitation Jesus invites us to be hidden in His presence, overshadowed so that nothing is seen but Him. Will we be hidden? Will we choose to lay down our lives, choosing to let Him live through us, and in spite of us? Will we allow His Spirit to fill us and overshadow us each day as we lay our lives down for our precious families? Our response, like Mary’s, needs to be one of availability. It is in allowing Him to come and fill us, overshadowing us loving through us, that life can come and that is life abundant!

For those dear ones who scrolled through because someone truly was attached and needed to be to have life, let me sum it up:
1.    Be available to His coming! Invite Him daily, continually to COME!
2.    Allow His power to overshadow you…the power that gives you covering, care, provision.
3.    And finally…TRUST Him to do what He has promised!

Spring’s Weekly Prayer Focus
As you enter into the presence of Jesus open your heart to His invitation to be hidden in Him. Pray that He will fill you and overshadow you so that you might be what He wants you to be- willing and available. In those moments of your week when you want to run and hide from all that is yours to do, ask Him to fill you with His presence and be your very life and breath.


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