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Holding on to the One True God

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journal lable“Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth;
for I am God, and there is no other.”

Isaiah 45:22

We live in a time when other religions are trying to assert their power and dominance around the world. Christians are persecuted in nations who hold every kind of belief from communism, through Hinduism, and of course Islam. Who is the one true God over every other human belief system, political ideology, every idol, every dark power and every other god? How do we make sense of what is going on in the world today?
God showed his supreme power as the Lord over every god the Egyptians worshipped in every aspect of creation through each plague he sent as Pharaoh refused to release the Hebrew slaves. He revealed himself as the mighty God, greater than any power in their magic arts. Everything the Egyptians had made their strength and pride, the river Nile and the fertile land, abundant crops, and vast herds of animals, was stripped away at God’s command. These plagues may seem harsh, but in the face of opposition and mocking, God himself was willing to show his strength against this kingdom and all the spiritual forces they thought were in control of nature and sought to please.

If we are to stand in this time of severe persecution and extreme spiritual confusion, we can take hope in the God who controlled the plagues. There is no other like him, a God who passionately and carefully intervenes to rescue and save people to be his very own. He has not changed. You can know him as the Lord who will not be overpowered by any ruler or any other spiritual force for all eternity. From the Gospels to Revelation, the New Testament promises persecution will come, and we should expect it if we are truly following Jesus. But suffering, defeat and struggle does not mean that Jesus is not ultimately King. Every other power will bow at his feet and you can worship him and put your hope in Jesus today and into eternity. God is mighty to rescue people out of the kingdom of darkness, from every deception, every destructive force and all spiritual confusion yo bring them into the kingdom of Jesus, the Son he loves(Colossians 1:13). Other kingdoms and governments will come and go. Magic arts, other gods and idols will cause people to give themselves to other spiritual forces, but you can hold onto the one true God, trusting that he is able and longing to hold onto you. Filled with His own Spirit, you can rest without fear in the mighty arms of Jesus and pray for others to know him as the only Lord and Savior.


About Fiona

A former missionary to Tanzania, Fiona is the Founding Director of the Esther Project, a ministry dedicated to helping young women in Africa be beautiful in Christ and take a stand for God in their generation. Fiona has written numerous Bible Studies, and currently leads small groups and a weekly Titus Women Bible Study.


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