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Aren’t You Going to Say Anything?

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In this first message in a  10-part series on Prayer, Dr. Kinlaw describes how prayer is central to the Gospel and to the Christian life. It is not an add-on for Christian witness and service. Life should grow out of our prayer lives; our Christian ministry should grow out of our prayer lives. In this series, Dr. Kinlaw shares certain passages that have become crucial in his thinking about prayer. Using these passages, he discusses the place of prayer in the Bible, in the personalities in the Bible, and, surprisingly, in the very inner life of the Triune Godhead and the mystery of which that speaks. Most of us don’t have any sense of why we pray except for our own deep and profound need. God does not have any need, and yet there is prayer in the inner life of the Godhead. So why does God pray? And why do we need to pray? Genesis 18 is the first chapter in the Bible with a clear example of intercessory prayer.  It is the foundation for all that is to come.

Click here to listen, or, if you prefer to read, click here for the transcript of this message. 

September’s Featured Book
Each month the Titus Women‘s e-News will feature a book that will help prepare your heart for revival.  This month, The Kneeling Christian is our featured book. It is available in print and for Kindle at“The Kneeling Christian is considered to be the most widely-read book on the topic of prayer. Written by an anonymous writer in the early 1900’s, the enduring quality of the book lies in the no-fluff advice of the writer. It was his simple conviction that prayer was essential to a vibrant Christian life.”

(Amazon review)

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