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Bearing God’s Burdens

In this second part of Dr. Kinlaw’s series on prayer, he offers a clear explanation on why we need to pray, why it makes a difference. There is an assumption about prayer that runs all through the Bible, that what happens in one person can make a difference in someone else’s situation. The hope of Sodom was in Abraham, and the hope of the world is in Abraham and in his lineage. God is looking for people to help him bear the burden. This is the biblical understanding of prayer. True prayer is where we enter into the burden of Christ and bear it with him.

Click here to listen, or, if you prefer to read, click here for the transcript of this message. 

October’s Featured Book

Prayer - Front Cover
Prayer: Bearing the World as Jesus Did
by Dennis F. Kinlaw
ISBN: 978-1593176143
$ 12.99*

Christians are troubled by the spiritual indifference and moral degeneracy of our day. Some resort to a kind of religious escapism, interacting only with like-minded believers and dreaming of a spectacular deliverance in the Apocalypse. Yet God calls us to respond—not by escaping from the world but also by interceding for its deliverance. In fact, Scripture says that intercession is the life purpose of every servant of God. The Bible’s accounts of intercessory prayer are truly amazing. They lead us to wonder: can our prayers help to redeem the world? Dr. Kinlaw says yes. He affirms that God still hears and answers the prayers of his people. Here he leads us through a careful consideration of the burden-bearing work of God and his people, challenging us to examine the depth of our own relationship with God.

This book, along with  others which will be featured in the coming months can be purchased all together at a 25% discount. Click here to purchase the Preparing for Rain book bundle.  This book bundle includes all of the book recommendations are for our Titus e-News readers and those who plan to attend the “Rain Down Righteousness” prayer retreat in March 2016

Bundled books include:

  • “Prayer: Bearing the World as Jesus Did” by Dr. Dennis Kinlaw
  • “Living Sacrifice” by Helen Roseveare
  • “Born for Battle” by R. Arthur Mathews
  • “Green Leaf in Drought” by Isobel Kuhn
  • “Mountain Rain” by Eileen Fraser Crossman
  • “Prayer of Faith” pamphlet by J.O. Fraser.

* This book may also be purchased by itself at 25% off during the month of October only. Use the code PRAYER during checkout to get your discount. No discount code is needed for the bundle.

First Friday Fasting. 
Titus Women‘s Ministry invites you to focus on preparing for revival. On the firstFriday of each month, please consider how you might participate in fasting and prayer for revival. You might give up facebook time, or lunch or dinner or whatever Jesus asks you to set aside so that you will be able to spend some focused time in prayer for revival.Join us as we unite our hearts in fasting and prayer for revival in our nation and in our world ( for world prayer or for national prayer helps).



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