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52 Days of Prayer Begins January 12

Prayer Retreat AnnouncementAs the Rain Down Righteousness Prayer Retreat rapidly approaches, we earnestly desire to prepare our hearts in fervent prayer together. Just as the wall around Jerusalem was rebuilt in 52 days (Nehemiah 6:15), we would like to “build a wall” through prayer so that enemy is pushed back, and the presence of Jesus can come to our desperately lost nation and our world. Just as the physical wall was built family by family, we as “Kinlaws,” as “Boyettes,” as (fill in your own family name), are asking Jesus to come and to meet us in the midst of sin-sick and weary times. The 52 days will begin this coming Tuesday, January 12. We want to unite by praying daily Scripture-based prayers together which will be posted here on the Titus Women blog. You can subscribe to these daily posts, by clicking the “Follow” button on the bottom right of your screen. These posts, as well as the weekly Titus Women’s e-News will be based on Patsy Lewis’ book, Simply Praying.




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