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52 Days of Prayer: Day 8

Listen with Anticipation

 Be still and know that I am God… Psalm 46:10a KJV

Spend ten minutes today quietly sitting in God’s presence and listening. Let Him calm your heart and mind with His peace. Write what He says to you. He may speak a verse of Scripture to you. He may impress on your mind the words of a song. Perhaps He will bring to your thoughts a person from your past or someone who needs a word of encouragement. He may give you a word of comfort or challenge. He possibly will ask you to join Him in some activity. Write it all down. Maybe He will say nothing. If this is the case, sit quietly in His presence soaking in His love and grace.

After your listening time:

  • Give Him thanks for His love and grace and for any words He has spoken to you.
  • Pray for all individuals He placed in your thoughts.
  • Commit to Him your obedience for any assignment He may have given you.
  • Ask God to purge your heart and conscience.
  • Pray a prayer of repentance over anything He points out that should not be there.

Turn Scripture into a Personal Prayer. (Psalm 46:1 and 10)

O God, It is so hard for me to be still! Even when there is quietness around me, my motor can be running inside I want to be silent on the inside, to pause awhile and know with certainty that You are God and that You, Almighty God, are with me! Thank You that You are my refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. WOW! Thank You for Your presence with me today. Keep me calm even in the hubbub of my world. Amen.1

1 Patsy Lewis. Simply Praying (Kansas City, Missouri: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 2006), p. 44-45.


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