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52 Days of Prayer: Day 24

Impact Your World

Train yourself to be godly.… Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. from 1 Timothy 4

Make a list of several people who have had a positive spiritual influence on your life. Give thanks for each person you can remember that God has used to bring you into a closer relationship with Him: family, friends, teachers, pastors, authors, musicians, artists, counselors, coworkers, . . .

If those individuals are alive, pray for them. Consider writing a note of appreciation or making a phone call to one of these individuals. Pray that your own life will be a godly example to all that you meet.

Turn Scripture into a Personal Prayer:  I Timothy 4:7-16

Dear God, I want to spend my time and energy where it counts and to be spiritually fit for any task You place before me. I am aware that my life is influencing others even when I am unaware that others are watching. It is my desire to teach truth and be a pattern to others in Your love. I long to have a strong faith and clean thoughts. I will use the abilities You have given me and throw myself wholeheartedly into Your work as I keep a close watch on all I think and do. My hope is in You, the Living God, my salvation. Amen.1

1Patsy Lewis. Simply Praying (Kansas City, Missouri: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 2006), 122-123.




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