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We’re so excited to be able to make some of our books and resources available for free online. We hope they serve to encourage you and spur you on toward Jesus.

Living in the Overflow

Our newest book is a great resource for small accountability and Bible study groups. The truth is, we were never meant to grow alone. As we enter more deeply into intimacy with Jesus, His work in our hearts overflows into a transformed life and communion with others. While many of us know we need other women to grow with, we often just don’t where to begin. Others of us find ourselves frustrated in groups that aren’t  helping us grow in Him and in each other. How do we build transformative community into our lives? Living in the Overflow is a thoughtful and workable guide for new or existing small groups who want to take the next steps in growing together. Using both guiding principles and practical insights, we’ll explore what small group accountability can look like with Jesus at the center.

Read it here.

Lydia Prayer Guide

The Lydia Prayer Guide is designed to encourage and direct individual prayer group members or any woman longing to join Jesus in a prayer adventure. Using Acts 1:8 as a model for praying for revival beginning in our own hearts, families and churches, nation, and the world, the guide offers inspiration and suggestions for prayer.

Read it here.

Rahab and the Scarlet Cord

In this short booklet, Beth Coppedge shares her thoughts on a life-changing choice that affects generations.

Read it here.



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